The Charmed Life of My Teenage Son

Charmed Life Teenage Son

I’m celebrating my mom imperfectionism today because it has inadvertently crafted an excellent life lesson for my 17 year-old scary-know-it-all-teenage son.

You see I never won the battle of the finish your homework and study routine. In this case, I’m talking epic battles. Never-ending lectures. I surrendered after countless miserable afternoons and evenings. My son and I were much happier that way so I let it slide. And slide. Don’t get me wrong—we did revisit the battlefield regularly. And then we’d slide some more. Mom imperfectionism at its finest.

This resulted in my son’s GPA being a bit less than desirable to the Big Ten he’d suddenly grown interested in. Intelligent kid. Could have been at the top of his class had he put forth more effort.

Knowing this made me the train wreck that I’d been for the past several months. What the hell were we going to do?

Together, he and I came up with a plan. He was going to take both the SAT and ACT in one month. And score very high. He had less than 2 months to study and do nothing but study. Day and night. Non-stop. Of course it was a battle, night after night, as I knew it would be based on our history.

At the same time, my son was forced to complete essays for the applications I was submitting on his behalf to what seemed like a bazillion colleges at the time.

We had but a Hail Mary. Hope that someone in an admissions office somewhere would give him a chance when they checked out those test scores.

The good news: Something good, a valuable lesson, actually came as a result of my mom imperfectionism.

The better news: My son has actually acknowledged that he messed up and that he learned something from the mess.

The best news: His test scores are fantastic. Some areas even ranking him 94th percentile nationally.

And it gets even better. I’m the proud, imperfect mom of an Ohio State Buckeye. I can hardly contain myself. I’ve jumped up and down. I’ve cried. I’ve laughed. It’s his dream. It’s mine.

My son. Brilliant test taker. Irrefutable procrastinator. Excessive risk taker. OSU Buckeye.

I’m really starting to believe the kid leads a charmed life or something.

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