Keeping Families Safe, Our Children Are Vulnerable

I believe keeping my family safe is one the most important jobs I will ever have. I’ve talked about the what-if-momster a time or two here on the blog. Recall, she’s the uninvited guest who shows up on my doorstep frequently and always overstays her welcome.

What are my kids eating when they’re not at home? I work hard to be certain they get healthy foods, even sneaking unexpected veggies into meals. Is my son driving safely, locking his apartment door and taking necessary precautions when roaming about his college campus at night? Is someone holding my young daughter’s hand to cross the street when I’m not there? What if something happens? What if.

The job has been made more difficult for parents over the past few decades by the strong online presence most people have established, yours truly included. My daughter enjoys checking out the fun activities at and My son has a very active online social life. What if.

Our children are vulnerable, at risk. Check out this infographic.

And there’s the financial region of the safety realm to consider as well. I’ve heard more than once that nearly 50 billion dollars of fraudulent activity is charged every year as a result of identity theft. It might be that small charge on a credit card that you know you didn’t make. It might be much worse. What if.

Enter LifeLock. LifeLock offers a suite of proactive services, including credit monitoring, that work together to protect you and your family from various risks, including credit fraud. Members are provided with helpful facts and offered compassionate assistance in protecting their identity.

To learn more about protecting your family with LifeLock services, check out the video below and visit the website:

Thank you to LifeLock for sponsoring this post.

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