Reflecting on Mom Imperfectionism Again

Reflecting on Mom Imperfectionism

Life’s ever-changing circumstances push me into a self-reflection mode once again…

Several months back, I wrote this post about embracing my mom imperfectionism. I talked about how the imperfect mom has become the new Stepford wife. And I called it a movement.

I took a tiny bit of heat for using the term “movement” from a few who still believe themselves to be perfect, but I stand by my statement. It’s a movement. You can change the word — substitute another if you like — but that won’t change the fact that moms worldwide are indeed making an organized effort to represent motherhood as it truly is; fantastic, but challenging and imperfect.

I’ve talked about how the princesses of legendary fables never became moms. Maybe Snow White and her prince charming did have babies later but not in the story as we know it. And again, even these great writers of old seemingly knew selling the perfect mom would be pushing it.

I think I threw something into that post about comparing perfect moms with men that give back rubs without sexual expectations. We know neither exists.

And because I know you totally want this particular update, the UPS delivery guy and I have come to an agreement. He won’t peep through the little diamond shapes of clear glass on my front door and I won’t shop online quite as much. Vacuuming in my bra is still non-negotiable.

If you don’t believe me about the imperfect mom movement, just read the posts on nearly any blog written by a woman who is a mom. It doesn’t even have to be a so-called mommy blog—you’ll still find bios with women authors describing themselves as imperfect moms and countless posts with the same message. I absolutely adore how one of my favorite bloggers truly owns her mom imperfectionism and uses her own unique term, “Kludgy Mom.”

I know many are thinking enough is enough. Move on. It’s getting old. And I agree on some level, but only because I too have noticed of late many blogging moms flaunting the now popular title “Imperfect Mom” while not genuinely embracing it.

Embrace it, sisters. Take the pressure off. Our mistakes remain in the past, though we’ll make more in the future. Do the best you can and accept who you are.

Wait. Did I just quote a portion of the valedictorian’s speech from my son’s graduation commencement ceremony last Sunday? Well, my point is: enjoy motherhood and womanhood just as you are.

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